We have been using Goldcom since their beginning and before. Their staff is always helpful and willing to go the extra mile. If you need something they don’t stock, they can usually find it or offer an alternative solution. When we have had large weekend moves, they have been willing to provide after-hours access if needed. This exemplifies their commitment to customers. Their prices are so competitive; you do not need to comparison shop. I never hesitate to recommend them to colleagues or anyone in need of products they supply. Goldcom’s customer service is one of the best I have ever experienced.

Rick N.
City of Saint Paul

Goldcom has been a trusted supplier for many years because of the added value provided to us by helping to specify products, providing unsolicited recommendations for alternate products that might suit our needs and price point better even though this might mean a lower margin for you, and quite simply just being honest with us about your capabilities. Your greatest value to us as a supllier is that your primary focus is on servicing your customers and providing us the correct products at competitive prices...

Phil M.
Collins Electrical Construction Co.

Gold Com has excellent customer service, a knowledgable staff, reliable & fast delivery of their massive range of top quality product & materials. We have no hesitation in recommending them. Thanks for the great service!

Cory B.
Backes Telephone Service Inc.

For over 20 years we have trusted Dave Goldenstein and the Goldcom team to help us provide valuable services to our customers with their material quotes, product availability, timely delivery, and competitive pricing. We have always relied upon Goldcom to research new solutions and provide us with quality products and service.

Chuck E.
Integra Telecom Prior Lake

Schwegel Communications began working with Goldcom in 1995. They started as a backup for us in case our other suppliers could not help, but quickly they became and continue to be our preferred vendor.

I know that I can call them for any questions, big or small, and I will get expert advice. Other suppliers are happy to take my order but they rarely take the time to tell me about different products that may be new, or less expensive, or more efficient. Goldcom does this and I appreciate it because it helps me give my customers the best service and product selection.

I am often a go-between for my customers and techs, who tell me what to order, and Goldcom. This can often be confusing because I lack the technical knowledge and vocabulary that is sometimes needed. Thankfully Goldcom is very patient and helps me to know what to ask, what choices are available and why a particular product is the best option.

I highly recommend Goldcom to anyone looking for great service and a wide variety of products.

Terri N.
Schwegel Communications

I really appreciate the fact that Goldcom has a lot of the materials we need in stock and frequently delivers them the same day. Goldcom's sales representative Dave S. is quick to respond professionally to all our requests for material and keeps us informed on the process. I would highly recommend Goldcom and Dave to others.

Sandy W.
University of Minnesota - Office of Information Technology