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  • Zone Paging Module/3 Zones Per - (PCMZPM)
Product Code: PCMZPM
Inventory: In Stock
Brand: Bogen
Height: 4.7 inches
Weight: 2 lbs
Depth: 8.25 inches
Width: 4.5 inches

Zone Paging Module/3 Zones Per

Product Code: PCMZPM
The PCMZPM zone paging module can operate high-power or low-power paging to self-amplified paging systems (only one type per PCMZPM module). For high-power paging, a single amplifier can be used for paging and supplying background music (when not paging). Background music can also be continuously supplied to all zones not being paged with the addition of a second amplifier. For low-power operation, background music is always supplied to zones not being paged. Each module can also be disconnected from the background music bus and connected to a local background music source. Two additional zone modules can be added to the basic system to increase capacity to 9 zones. When more than 9 zones are required, a central processor module with power supply and up to 3 zone modules can be assembled as a satellite system. Ten additional 9-zone satellite systems can be installed to bring total capacity to 99 zones. A talkback module (PCMTBM) can also be added to the system to provide hands-free talkback capability. Only one talkback module is required regardless of the number of zones or satellite systems on the PCM2000 system. Relay driver outputs are provided for each zone. Two C-form contact sets are also provided to control the activation of accessory equipment.

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