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  • 7.5inch 50 Natural Tie-Wrap - (GC-07-50-9)
Product Code: GC-07-50-9
Inventory: In Stock
Brand: GoldCom
Height: 7.5 inches
Weight: 0.5 lbs
Depth: 0.05 inches
Width: 0.18 inches

7.5inch 50 Natural Tie-Wrap

Product Code: GC-07-50-9

Price Shown is per each. Must be purchased by increments of 100. Natural. Faster - low insertion and pull through force Stronger - high tensile strength is achieved from one piece, advanced pawl, and teeth design Purer - manufactured from filtered nylon reducing particle contamination Easier - angled tail provides quicker initial insertion alignment and tail finger grips allow easier handling and tightening Safer - rounded edges provides added safety and eliminates insulation damage to cable ties Consistent - formulated molding processes.

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